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Our mission is to inspire hope, motivate and contribute to health and well-being of our patients by providing Primary Care, Mental Health services and Substance Abuse services. Rendering the best care possible to every patient through Integrated Care and education.

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Our vision is to strive to treat the whole person and provide an unparalleled experience in the realm of Integrated Healthcare.

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We are a certified Patient Centered Medical Home with excellent health care providers.

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We believe that effective treatment is integrated, individualized and specialized .

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Dr. Mignon

Work towards improving your spiritual health and overall sense of well-being.

Dr. Mignon

Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Medical Officer

The past few weeks has been like none that I have ever seen.  Everything has changed in a very short period of time. None of us realized that as we started 2020 that we would have all aspects of our daily lives affected so dramatically in such a short period of time. The Covid-19 virus abruptly brought my daughter back home from her freshman year of college, ended her spring rowing racing season, transitioned my tenth grader into immediate remote learning and has affected how we deliver healthcare to our Health and Wellness  and Impact Behavioral Health patients on a daily basis.  While addressing the normal “ordinary healthcare needs” and addressing an evolving crisis, in addition to planning for the future the past weeks continue to be an evolving challenge on many levels for everyone I know.

As a primary care physician we have been working on the front lines, immediately putting into play a screening protocols  for all patients who have an appointment in any area of the building,  whether  it is for counseling services, wellness services or medical services.  Having all patients wash their hands before entering as well.  Setting up a screening protocol outside or the building. We have been transitioning to TeleMedicine rapidly encouraging all patients to download the Healow app (from their app store) to get set up for TeleMedicine.  Our front desk staff has been calling and walking all patients and clients that we come into contact with to switch their appointments over to a TeleVisit.    

I have been asked by many patients if I believe this Covid-19 thing is going to be as bad as they say.  The answer to that question is YES.  Yes I do believe it. This is already bad globally (it is a pandemic), just look at I what is happening in Italy and now hundreds are dying daily in the US.  The goal is to decrease the spread of the virus to a degree that our American Healthcare system will be able to provide care to those that need it.  It is everyone’s responsibility to one another to try to decrease the area under the curve.  Our society has lived through a pandemic like this in 1918 with the Flu.   The goal and mission for everyone is to stay in place  at home and with social distancing to limit spreading of the virus and exposing other’s who knowingly or unknowingly  have weak immune systems, other co-morbidities and chronic conditions that will make them  susceptible to severe disease and increase the death rate.

I am particularly concerned about how this current epidemic is going to affect the state of one’s mental health.  From the abrupt changes in our daily schedules and work and schooling environments, to feeling socially isolated, losing the routines and structure of our daily lives  will leave many feeling down, depressed and anxious if we do not have good mental health habits and take care of ourselves.  Asking for help and counseling services is okay. These services are offered at Impact Behavioral Health online as well as in the office.   Our services are accessible to all and most importantly we want you all to know that you are not alone and we are here for you.

Lastly, the healthcare providers and the entire team  from our client service specialists to our patient care specialists, administrative staff and medical practitioners and mental health providers are some of the bravest and most compassionate individuals who come to work everyday, providing the  best service to our clients.  Driven by the desire to be of service and “be there” for our patients knowing that we put ourselves at risk daily but are driven to continue to give of ourselves and help others.  To my team and to all of the healthcare providers, clinicians and healthcare teams across the nation I say Thank you.  It makes me proud to be a medical provider and it feels good to give and help others. That is why we have chosen to go into this field.  We must be safe and not forget to take care of ourselves and our families.

Thank you. Dr. Mignon

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