Physical therapy

When is the last time you felt no pain?  For many, everyday pain is a way of life.  Those who have turned to a physical therapist for liberation from pain and immobility have found their quality of life greatly improved. Having a physical therapist as part of your health regimen can make the difference between living with pain and living without it.

Physical therapy:

Physical Therapists are your perfect partner in health. They are experts in the way the body moves. As highly educated health care professionals, physical therapist can help you maintain mobility and quality of life.

Physical Therapist can get you moving and enjoying life again, using scientifically-based treatment techniques that focus on restoring function, reducing pain, and preventing injury.

A physical therapist, in collaboration with you and your physician, will work to help you achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and can help you manage your health over the long term.

Most insurance plans cover physical therapist services. On your first visit your physical therapist will spend a significant amount of time evaluating your condition and determining when and why it occurs. They will then work with your physician to develop the best plan of treatment for you.

You are the most important member of your own health care team and you have the freedom to choose your own physical therapist.

Some Conditions Treated by Physical Therapist:

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Physical therapy

Physical Therapists are your perfect partner in health.

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