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How fast will I lose weight on the Wellness Center eating plan? What is reasonable to expect if I follow the plan carefully?

More weight loss is expected in the early stages of your diet, due to initial water weight. After a few weeks, your weight loss reaches a more predictable pace as your metabolism adjusts. The eating plan and exercise recommendations will accommodate the changes to your new lifestyle.

Will I be hungry on this plan?

No! You should not experience significant hunger for several reasons: You will be eating small, frequent meals to reduce hunger and optimize your metabolism. Your intake of water will increase for adequate hydration and for system flushing. We may also prescribe an appetite suppressant if necessary to assist with your weight loss goals.

I have a sweet tooth. Can I ever have any ‘goodies’?

There are lots of ‘goodies’ that can satisfy your sweet tooth. You can enjoy frozen spoonfuls of sugar free Cool Whip, Skinny Cow treats, and sugar free Jell-O. Sucking on a piece of sugarless hard candy, and chewing sugar-free gum may also help. However, the better you stick to the plan and avoid high carbohydrate foods, especially sweets, your carb cravings should subside in no time. This may even occur faster if you try to avoid these artificially sweetened foods as well. If you do slip up and have a treat now and then, don’t get discouraged- just get back on track!

How difficult will it be to feed my family while I’m on the Wellness Center eating plan?

Planning ahead will help make this process a lot easier. If you plan meals that include lean meats (cooked separately, avoiding casseroles, stews, etc.) and lots of vegetables, you can prepared side dishes that are higher in carbohydrates for them, leaving them off YOUR plate. You may need to avoid cooking your favorite starchy or sweet foods for them so that you will not be tempted. It would be good for your family to eat fewer starch and sweet foods as well, even if they are normal weight. If you make really good tasting meat and vegetable dishes, they may learn to love them! Bonus: a healthier family and increased support for you!

How often should I eat during a day?

It is neither necessary to eat every two hours nor to stop eating at 6:00 PM. As long as your calorie intake is less than your output, you can lose weight regardless of meal frequency. In one day, you may choose to eat two, three, four, five, or more meals - it's a matter of preference and personal need to stave off hunger.

Which is more important for weight loss: low calories or low fat?

It is more important to focus on total calories than on grams of fat when you are trying to lose weight. Fat delivers twice the calories of carbs and proteins for the same amount of ounces, but studies have shown that some fat actually helps with satiety. Our eating plan has carefully included a well rounded mix.

Can a vegetarian use this diet?

A vegetarian can accomplish a modified version of this diet, but it is unlikely that carb levels can be kept low enough to induce ketosis with a plant-based diet. Use of legumes and whole grains can provide adequate protein, and generous helpings of low carb vegetables with limited servings of fruits can allow for weight loss if refined foods and sweets are avoided and portion sizes are limited. This diet would rely more on a “Volumetrics” effect to help promote satiety and limit hunger.

When we talk about carbs, are we just talking bread, rice, and pasta?

Carbs, short for carbohydrates, are energy containing molecules that are made up of sugars (mono- and disaccharides) and starches (long chains of sugars). If you choose brown whole grain breads, rice and pasta, you are making a healthier choice of starches. They are included in your dietary plan.

What constitutes a “healthy” weight?

A healthy weight is defined as a weight that puts your BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) in the 20-24 range. BMI is a calculated value (height in Kg divided by height in meters squared) that allows for a standardization of weights for any given height.

How do I care for my skin while losing weight?

The way to prevent hanging skin is to lose weight slowly, do weight-training exercises to build-up the muscle under the skin, have enough fluid and high-water fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated, and moisturize the skin with everyday lotions. Genetics and age are also important in determining your skin’s elasticity. We not only offer you access to a personal trainer, but to esthetic services for your face and body. We also offer massage!

I’ve had 3 kids and am in my mid-40s. Can I still expect to lose weight or am I fooling myself? Should I just give up and try to maintain?

In theory, you can lose weight and gain muscle at any age, although much of your capacity to burn calories, build muscle and store fat is determined by your genes. Regardless of your age, you can lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat. But as your metabolism slows with age, and even more so if you have been yo-yo dieting for years, it does become more difficult. If you want to maintain a healthy weight, which could be higher than the ideal as determined by your BMI, it is critical that you develop healthy eating habits for life, not just during a “diet”.

How many calories do you have to burn off to lose a pound?

It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound; however, the deficit is usually created by some combination of burning more calories and eating fewer calories than you usually do. For instance, if it takes 1800 calories a day to maintain your present weight, you could create a 500 calorie deficit by burning 250 calories through exercise while eating 250 fewer calories everyday.

I’ve lost several pounds already on the Welness Center diet plan, but what can I do to look firmer?

Exercising with weights, core-strengthening exercises like Pilates, and possibly a consult for mesotherapy or body wraps would be in order. We have access to all those services in our building!

I’ve lost my goal pounds already, but still have a belly bulge. What can I do about that specifically?

Constant stress plays a role in belly fat as it triggers the release of a hormone called Cortisol. This hormone promotes fat collection around one’s middle. Ways to lose belly fat include controlling stress through meditation, yoga, therapy, etc. But for really flat abs, you need aerobic exercises to lower your percentage of body fat, and strength-training to build up the muscles around your core. Consult your trainer for a personally designed program to address this issue.

Information provided in this section is not meant to evaluate, diagnose or treat diseases. Please consult your physician. Thank you for looking over our information, we’d love to give you a no obligation consultation!

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